Have you been involved in a boating accident in the Fort Worth, Texas, area? Unfortunately, you’re probably battling serious injuries, medical bills, and other expensive damages. Thankfully, the Fort Worth boating accident lawyers at Heller Law Office, PLLC, understand these overwhelming impacts and work hard to seek equitable fair compensation for our clients.

Various factors—such as operator error, equipment failure, and less-than-ideal weather conditions—can result in boating accidents, whether big or small. As a boating accident victim, your first priority is to seek appropriate medical attention for any injuries you may have suffered. After receiving this care, however, it’s crucial you contact a seasoned boating accident lawyer who can help you navigate all legal details and protect your rights as a victim.

Actions to Take After Boat Accidents in Fort Worth

Whether you experience an accident on a dinghy or yacht, the very first thing you should do is ensure everyone on board is safe and accounted for and—if possible—move the vessel to a safe location to avoid a secondary incident. In the event of any injuries, seek medical treatment right away.

It’s also important for Fort Worth boating accident victims to document the scene where the accident occurred and gather contact information from any witnesses or other involved parties. In addition, pictures of any damage to the boat or surrounding property are key, as are photos of any injuries sustained in the accident. This evidence is often crucial for obtaining compensation; thankfully, in these modern times, a few quick and easy cell phone pics can often get the job done in this regard.

After completing the necessary actions described above:

  • Call our expert legal team: who will investigate the cause of the boating accident.
  • Identify at-fault parties.
  • Work diligently in pursuit of equitable compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other related costs.

Who is Responsible in the Event of a Boat Collision?

It’s perhaps no surprise that when two boats collide, parties from each vessel are left with a highly complex aftermath where it can feel daunting—or even impossible—to determine liability and responsibility of the boating accident. However, the boat operator that caused the collision (as determined via an investigation) is often liable for all damages.

Boat Insurance and Accidental Damage

It’s important to keep in mind that boat insurance policies may provide coverage not only for accident damage to your own vessel but for any other boats or property affected as well. Specific coverage and limits, however, will ultimately depend on the terms of the policy of the insurance company: meaning you’ll need to go through your specific contract terms with a fine-tooth comb and avoid making assumptions accordingly.

Boating Accidents: More Common Than You May Think

Per the United States Coast Guard data, the most common causes of boating accidents are—you guessed it—a collision with another vessel. This is followed by collisions with fixed objects and swamping/flooding. In total, 2019 saw 4,168 boating accidents reported in the United States: resulting in 613 deaths and 2,559 common injuries.

As for the most common culprits behind this devastating toll, the leading cause of boating accidents is the distraction of boat owners, followed by inexperience, excessive speed, and alcohol impairment. Some other causes not directly attributed to boat operators? Machinery failure, dangerous waters, and adverse weather conditions.

With respect to the vessels themselves, open motorboats are most commonly involved in boating accidents, with personal watercraft, and cabin motorboats close behind.

Dealing with the Aftermath of a Boat Accident? Find experienced Fort Worth Boating Accident Lawyers

For help and the peace of mind that you’re in good hands, be sure to contact Heller Law Office, PLLC, to engage in a free consultation with an experienced boating accident lawyer. Our expert team will review your case and offer sincere legal advice. If you decide to hire us, we will work vigorously and exhaust all options to help you obtain the best financial compensation possible for your injuries and related damages through a personal injury lawsuit.

Our law firm has the expertise and experience necessary to tackle even the most complex boating accident injury cases successfully. We will dig into the cause of the wreck, identify potentially at-fault parties, and collaborate with healthcare professionals to ensure you receive appropriate medical care for any injuries in a timely fashion.

As for compensation, we work on a contingency fee basis: meaning we won’t get paid unless we win your case or reach a settlement for your personal injury claim, which is the true ethos behind our work. 

There’s no need to let an unfortunate boating accident take over your life, causing persistent physical pain and endless financial stress. So don’t wait any longer! Contact Heller Law today to schedule your free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer. We are here to help you receive justice and recover compensation you deserve and act as a valuable partner (and ally!) during this trying time in your life.